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The X Factor

X Factor’s Top 12 Fashion Face-off: Which of Demi’s Young Adults Has the Best Style?

At the November 5 X Factor Party, the contestants made some serious fashion statements. From satin to fringe, their duds definitely caught our attention. Get to know your Top 12 by the clothes on their backs. Do you think their looks represent them, or are they falling short of their marks?

CeCe Frey is fierce no matter what she wears, but this open-waist, nude-underlay shiny dress is a bold choice. With her platinum hair and nude shoes, she lets the dress speak for her, and we think it sounds pretty good.

Jennel Garcia is a frontrunner when it comes to the contest, but her outfit is coming in dead last. Just like CeCe, she’s got the mesh underlay thing happening, but unlike her competitor, her dress looks like it might be more comfortable at a different event. Like, maybe some sort of Hunger Games-themed disguise contest.

Paige Thomas is beautiful and we thought she did a pretty good job of dressing herself — before Demi and her stylists got their hands on her. Now... There are lots of zippers and satin and a one sleeve thing and a halter neck and an awkward length all competing against her. She’s definitely in the running on the show vocally, but fashion-wise, she’s trailing brutally behind.

Fashion Winner: CeCe. Her dress is seriously bold, but she toned down the rest of her look to balance it out and it worked.

Top Contender(s): Jennel and CeCe (tie). Jennel has the voice and the love from the judges, but CeCe has the look and style, and tons of fan support.

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11.7.2012 / 11:19 PM EDT by Julia Wayne
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