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The X Factor

X Factor’s Top 12 Fashion Face-off: Which of The Over 25s Has the Best Style?

At the November 5 X Factor Party, the contestants made some serious fashion statements. Get to know your Top 12 by the clothes on their backs.

Vino Alan had his signature hat and tats on display, but the blazer is new, and we likey. When you have that much going on skin-wise, it's a little tough to cover it up or overshadow that with clothing.

Tate Stevens and his cowboy ways were definitely there for the party. He has yet to show up hat-less and we're cool with that. It'd be awkward if we were wearing our "We Love Tate" cowboy tribute hats if he didn't also have his perched proudly.

Jason Brock, who we are nominating to be our new BFF, rocked the flower broach in a big way and his textured jacket is interesting. He needs to throw that necklace away. Like, immediately. Maybe he could start wearing bolo ties, now that Willie Jones is off the show...

Fashion Winner: Vino, by a needle. True style comes from within.

Top Contender: Tate, if he can make his country sound strong

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11.7.2012 / 06:48 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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