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American Horror Story: Asylum Recap: Episode 4, “I Am Anne Frank, Pt. 1” Features Most Disturbing Scene Yet

Tonight on American Horror Story: Asylum, Briarcliff gets a new inmate, and she’s kind of a big deal. Her name is Anne Frank (Franka Potente) — maybe you’ve read her diary?

After getting in a brawl at a bar over an anti-semitic slur, Anne is taken to the asylum for an involuntary psychiatric hold. She seems pretty convinced that she’s Anne Frank — and frankly (sorry, sorry), she’s pretty believable, at least to Sister Jude (Jessica Lange). She has the right accent and number tattooed on her arm. She also seems to recognize Dr. Arden (James Cromwell) from her stay at Auschwitz, though according to Anne, he was named Hans Gruber back then (like from Die Hard?). The way Anne tells it, Arden/Gruber was about as nice to the women in the camps as Arden has been to Shelley (Chloe Sevigny) so far. Speaking of Shelley? She’s not doing so well — but we’ll get back to that.

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Anne manages to convince Sister Jude that her story about Dr. Arden is true, partially because it proves he’s the sadist Sister Jude believes him to be. When she voices her beliefs to the Monsignor (Ralph Fiennes), he brings up the Sister’s recent fall off the wagon and threatens to release her from her responsibilities at Briarcliff. Later, it’s made clear that the Monsignor is privy to at least some of what goes on in Dr. Arden’s mad laboratory — but how much does he know?

Sister Jude and Anne aren’t the only people who sense something is off about Herr Doktor. He is also interrogated by police detectives, who come to Briarcliff in order to investigate claims that Arden was physically abusive with a prostitute during their “date.” The “lady of the evening” also found disturbing pornography and Nazi memorabilia in his quarters. After nosing her way into the interrogation, Sister Jude learns all this, plus the fact that the detectives are from homicide, not vice. It seems they find it highly unlikely that a gas station attendant like Kit (Evan Peters) is as skilled at flaying and beheading as the good doctor might be.

As for our other inmates, Dr. Thredsen (Zachary Quinto) treats both Lana (Sarah Paulson) and Kit (Evan Peters). Lana undergoes aversion therapy to cure her same-sex desires, but all it really accomplishes is making viewers extremely uncomfortable. Yes, this is the scene Ryan Murphy exclusively told Wetpaint Entertainment is "the most disturbing scene [they've] ever done."

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Thredsen also attempts to rid Kit of his delusions about aliens. As the well-meaning shrink explains, Kit is repressing his memories of the killings with this story about invaders because he can’t deal with the truth: that his killings were borne out of his secret shame and frustration about his interracial marriage. Interesting theory, Doc. Kit starts to think it must be true, because it’s more plausible than his “Invasion of the Skin Snatchers” explanation.

Kit tells Grace he is starting to think maybe he killed those women, and Kit eventually learns about the abuse that drove Grace to kill her father and stepmother. The two of them are caught having sex in the kitchen and Sister Jude says she will be imposing sterilization on them both as punishment. That’s... kind of harsh, dude. Before he is sterilized, Kit comes to Sister Jude, telling her that, while he can’t remember his crimes, he must have committed them, and that he needs her help to gain God’s forgiveness.

Meanwhile, Dr. Arden and Anne have a confrontation, and while he denies having been at Auschwitz, he seems to react when Anne calls him “Gruber.” Anne has a gun she stole from a guard and tells him to confess. When he tries to get away, she shoots him in the leg, gets his keys and unlocks the closet where Dr. Arden is keeping Shelley. Covered in blistered and amputated at both knees, Shelley begs Anne to kill her.

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