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True Blood

Are Eric-Sookie Sex Scenes Awkward to Film With Stephen Moyer On-Set? Alexander Skarsgard Says…

Filming a sex scene with your acting partner’s spouse present sounds like every actor’s nightmare, especially when the spouse is a co-star and friend. But was it uncomfortable for True Blood actors Alexander Skarsgard and Anna Paquin to shoot steamy moments together in front of Anna’s husband, Stephen Moyer?

“It's not a problem,” he tells The Daily Chili. “We've worked together for five years and we're dear, dear friends. I love Anna and Stephen. We're all professionals, and they know it's a job. This is what we do. I've had talks with Stephen before, and he's very comfortable with it. [Laughs] He's not threatened.”

And if the situation were reversed? Would Alexander be comfortable watching Stephen simulate sex with Alex’s hypothetical wife?

“Absolutely. My father [Stellan Skarsgard] is an actor, so I grew up in a family where he had to do that a lot with actresses, and my mother had to deal with it. That's just part of the nature of what we do. It looks very romantic sometimes when you watch movies, but when you shoot it on the day, it's not very sexy.”

Source: The Daily Chili

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