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Cutest Castle and Beckett Moments From Castle Season 5, Episode 6: “The Final Frontier”

Castle’s “The Final Frontier” brought a lot more than a sci-fi explosion of epic proportions. It unraveled a bit about Kate Beckett’s fangirl past before she jumped in headfirst to solve her mother’s murder. And while last week’s episode was somewhat serious (read: intense) for the duo, this week we saw a new side to Caskett. One that keeps bringing our favs even closer together.

While the ep was filled with numerous Caskett scenes, we paired down our favorite and cutest moments for you to remember, over and over again. Though, it not like you haven’t had them on repeat since it aired. Don’t worry. We have, too.

4. Castle Finds Out Beckett’s More Than a Fan!

Sure, Beckett’s a fan of the sci-fi one-season wundershow, Nebula 9, but no one knew how much so, until an old pal from her Stanford days revealed Kate’s megafan status. But when Castle hears that Beckett used to don a costume of one of the show’s sexy characters, he can’t help, but request a private viewing.

“In your dreams,” Beckett replies. “Look at my life. My dreams come true,” quips Castle.

Beckett might have scoffed at that one, but the man can’t lie. We’d say he’s doing pretty well. Oh, and did you see him check out Beckett’s backside? Priceless.

3. “You Want More Kids?”

After Castle is worried of the possible side effects for firing the thorian blaster, he brings up one concern that catches Beckett’s attention. “What if I become infertile?”

“You want more kids?” Beckett nonchalantly questions, to which Castle quickly responds, “I’d like the option.” Enter: the extra long smile Beckett gives as they’re headed to the elevator. Maybe she hadn't thought about it before, but she will be now.

We’re not saying this all has to happen tomorrow, but yes, yes, and more yes. And only if they’re Caskett babies.

Credit: Ron Tom/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

2. Beckett Defends Nebula 9!

Beckett finally opens up the emotional floodgate about her love of Nebula 9 and why Lieutenant Chloe held “idol” status in her eyes. “She didn't care what anybody thought about her, and I kinda did at that time.” Castle attentively hangs onto every word.

She goes on to add, “She was a scientist and warrior, and that was all in spite of the way that she looked. It was like I could be anything and I didn’t have to choose. So don’t make fun, OK?”

Castle’s “OK" seals the deal. Another Beckett layer gone. With each one, we hope the words, “I love you” aren’t far behind.

1. Beckett Seduces Castle … Sorta!

Time to ante up. Castle is owed a costume-viewing party from Beckett and he’d like to cash in, tonight. So long as he’ll watch a Nebula 9 marathon with her, game on.

Cut to Castle’s place and it’s time for the big reveal. Beckett’s long, lean leg appears from around the corner. Castle can hardly contain himself. That is, until B hops out from behind the doorway, wearing the most hideous sci-fi mask of life.

“You wanna make out, Castle? Rawr!”

Castle’s backing it up, but not in that way. This time, it’s his turn to run into the closet to hide.

While this might not have been as gushy and heartwarming like some of the moments above, we had to include it for one very simple reason. We were rolling on the floor laughing at the end. ‘Nuff said.

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