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Glee Season 4 New Characters — It’s Not Just Blake Jenner’s Ryder!

When Glee returns for Season 4, Episode 5: “The Role You Were Born to Play” on November 8, fans of The Glee Project will finally get the chance to see this summer’s winner, Blake Jenner, make his big debut as McKinley high school jock Ryder.

However, Ryder isn’t the only new character headed to Glee. In fact, we already know of two more characters who will join the show over the course of the next few episodes, and all of them are set for recurring roles. Here’s your breakdown of what to expect, and in which episode.

Glee Project winner Blake Jenner joins the show in Episode 5 as Ryder Lynn, a football player who ends up auditioning for the starring role of Danny in McKinley’s production of Grease. Ryder will secretly struggle with dyslexia, and will soon develop a friendship with Finn (Cory Monteith). Find out more about Ryder here.

Hunter the Warbler

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Also making his big debut in Season 4, Episode 7’s Thanksgiving show is a devious new Warbler named Hunter (Nolan Gerard Funk). Worried that and the other Dalton boys won’t have a chance at winning Sectionals without Blaine (Darren Criss), Hunter embarks on a mission to convince the ex-Warbler to ditch the New Directions and rejoin his blue-blazered crew.

But while Hunter may be after Blaine for his talent and charisma, he’s not — we repeat, not — after Blaine’s heart. No need to worry about Blaine having a post-Kurt (Chris Colfer) rebound with this guy. Hunter is totally straight.

Ohio isn’t the only place getting some new blood. Over in New York City, Rachel is about to come face to face with an “attractive battle dancer who can sing and dance extremely well.” Little else is know about this “bitch-tastic” new character so far, other than the fact that her name is Anna-Marie. The date of her first episode is still unknown at this point, but her first appearance should happen sometime before Glee’s Christmas episode.

You’ve heard about all four of the newbies, now we’re dying to know: which of them are you looking forward to meeting the most?

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