Grey’s Anatomy Speculation: 4 Reasons Why Richard and Catherine Should Be Together
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Speculation: 4 Reasons Why Richard and Catherine Should Be Together

For spending years as the all-knowing chief of surgery who was full of wisdom and right answers, Grey's Anatomy’s Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) never seemed to have the right answer when it came to his love life.

Back when he was but a young intern, he spent his days in the on-call room with Ellis Grey (Kate Burton) despite the wedding ring on his finger (or hers). And when Richard ended his affair with Ellis, he simply replaced her … with work. Then there was the little issue of his alcoholism, which has come up once or twice over the years.

But now, could Richard have finally figured out the puzzle that is his love life? We know, we know. He’s still married to Adele (Loretta Devine). However, Adele doesn’t remember who he is, and she has moved on with another Alzheimer’s patient. So we’re not saying that it’s right for Richard to move on, but we’re also not saying it’s wrong. Actually, we’re more focused on the person he’s moving on with.

Could Catherine Avery (Debbie Allen) be the right woman for Richard? Maybe, maybe not. But here’s why we think they could work.

Grey’s Anatomy Speculation: 4 Reasons Why Richard and Catherine Should Be Together
Credit: Randy Holmes / ABC    

She understands his job. Richard’s job has always been an issue in his marriage. Adele has made it known many times that he doesn’t come home, that he works too much, etc. But Catherine Avery is a surgeon. Not only does she understand the demands of his job, but she also spends most of her time at work, which means they could spend their days together as well as their nights.

Adele has moved on. In the past, Richard has been the bad guy. He cheated, and he drank. Adele was the victim. However, now that Adele is struggling with Alzheimer’s, she has moved on. And regardless of her mental state, she’s happy with her new man. And Richard made the very difficult choice of allowing her to be happy with him. So maybe he can finally move on without feeling so much guilt.

Catherine is low-maintenance. Let’s face it: Catherine isn’t looking for anything serious. If it turns into that, then we’re sure she’d go along with it, but Catherine is very relaxed. She goes with the flow. Their relationship is what it is, and at least so far, she’s OK with that. She’s not asking Richard to leave Adele like Ellis once did. Hey, Catherine’s a busy woman too. She doesn’t have time for drama.

She’s his type. If we have learned anything from all of Richard’s women, it’s that he definitely has a type: confident. He wants a woman who can hold her own and who knows what she wants. Ellis was an overconfident, very skilled surgeon. And Adele, well, Adele was never scared to speak her mind … to anyone. And Catherine seems to be the same way. She is confident in both her skill as a surgeon and her skill, you know, elsewhere.

We’re not sure what the future holds, but so far, these two are pretty adorable. It’s nice to see a smile on Richard’s face even though he’s not the chief anymore and his wife is no longer at home. He wasn’t always the best husband, but we’re hoping that Richard can finally find some right answers that have nothing to do with medicine. And who knows, maybe Catherine is just what the doctor ordered.

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