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Nashville Songs: Music From Season 1, Episode 5, “Move It on Over”

We were knocked out by Nashville Season 1, Episode 5, “Move It on Over,” much like someone in a bar fight with Deacon (Charles Esten). The music was great, too. Check out the songs and try not to make eyes at Scarlett (Clare Bowen). She has a boyfriend!

Source: ABC

Song:,"American Beauty"
Artist: Rayna (Connie Britton)
Music moment: Rayna makes a commercial
I can’t remember the last time I laid down in a field of wildflowers, felt the wet grass on my skin, I want to remember, American beauty, feel the freedom running through me, you make me feel like I’ll always be American beauty, American beauty

Song: “Buried Under”
Artist: Rayna (Connie Britton)
Written by Chris DeStefano
Music moment: Deacon says Rayan can use the song; Juliette gets a new house
The confident is an enemy, the lines you cross helplessly, I can only watch, imagine words as they ricochet, honesty that will never pay, your convictions I believe, like an apparition haunting me Now the truth is a ball and chain holdin’ my conscious to the flame covered up but still i know the secret of a life you’re guilty of, the smoking gun is what I found, the dirt I have on you is the ground i’m buried under
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Song: “Yellin’ From the Rooftops”
Artist: Juliette (Hayden Panettiere)
Written by Michael James Ryan Busbee and Sarah Buxton
Music moment: Juliette record in the studio
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Song: "Fairlane"
Dirty Guv'nahs
Music moment:
Scene moves to writers' house
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Song: “Sideshow”
Artist: Deacon (Charles Esten)
Music moment: Deacon plays at the Bluebird before getting in a fight
She’s a big top 10 with bright spotlights, that woman sure knows how to shine you almost can’t believe your eyes you can hardly wait to see her side she’ll have you walkin’ that high wire jumping through rings of fire give you your moment in the sun be careful not to fall in love that curtain falls the light goes out the show goes on she leaves town, if you know what’s good for you’ll just let her go or you’ll end up next to me in her sideshow, if you know what’s good for you’ll just let her go don’t end up next to me in her sideshow

Song: "Down in Tennessee"
Artist: The Cadillac Black
Music moment: Deacon gets in a fight
Four fast wheels, three good friends, two last cigarettes
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Song: “Loving You Is the Only Way to Fly”
Artist: Scarlett (Clare Bowen), Gunnar (Sam Palladio), and Avery (Jonathan Jackson)
Written by Buxton Hughes
Music moment: Scarlett, Gunnar, and Avery play in a guitar pool
Can’t find the strength the strength to stand alone, Can’t seem to find my way back home
I fell so far so deep, Can’t eat, can’t breathe, can’t sleep, Don’t much care if I live or die, Loving you is the only way, (Loving you is the only way to fly), Somebody said, “Some dreams come true, some pass you by.”

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