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Jersey Shore

The Situation Is Majorly Turned Off By Paula’s WHAT?! (VIDEO)

The Situation may not be fully comfortable having Paula Pickard as his “official” girlfriend, but his reasons have little to do with his fear of commitment. It’s Paula’s raunchy sex talk that turns him off.

In this sneak peek from Jersey Shore Season 6, Episode 8: “Free Deena” (airing November 8), Paula hangs out with the roommates while The Situation takes a shower.She whips out her “ass pads,” which are like push-up bras for the butt, and Vinny tries one on his head and also on his own butt. Deena Nicole sings Paula’s praises for being so open about her grooming habits, and Paula says, “I am not ashamed.”

The funniest part comes when Mike returns from his shower to hear all about Paula’s conversation with the guys, in which she explains brand new sex positions to Ronnie’s suddenly virgin ears.

Watch the entire scene below!

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