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The X Factor

Top Quotes From X Factor Live Shows Week 2: “No Room for Mistakes, Let’s Go to War”

The 2012 Election has come and gone, and tragically our team effort to elect Britney Spears as President has failed. Which is why we are currently shivering under a blanket crying soft tears made out of glitter, eating McDonald's takeout from the ‘90s, and wearing butterfly clips. Thankfully, an even more important competition is upon us: The X Factor.

Please join us as we round up the top 10 quotes from this week's Live Show Episode I (The Phantom Menace), and feel free to yell Khloe's zingers so they are true-to-life.

10. Britney prepares for battle: "No room for mistakes, let's go to war."
Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

9. Emblem3 describe their relationship: "We've broken up and gotten back together many different times."
They're like the boy band version of sister wives.

8. Khloe flirts with Arin Ray: "You can definitely be my American boy."
Stoppit, Khloe.

7. Mario doesn't even pretend to know anyone in this competition: "Real quick Cece, how do you pronounce your last name?"
Hosting fail.

6. Simon bitch slaps Demi for her decorating skills: "I don't think you could have put any more on that stage."
Other than the bodies of former contestants.

5. Britney pretends not to hear Khloe: "Excuse me?"
Shade = thrown.

4. Khloe makes conversation with Tate: "The oil's coming off your face."
Wordsmithery, guys.

3. L.A. continues to speak in his own language: "I can't tell you I got chillbumps again."
For the love of Britney's weave, L.A., get it together.

2. Demi critiques Vino: "It left me speechless. Even though I'm talking right now."
Gasp, she's magic.

1. Demi pays Simon a compliment: "Who knew that in that rusty old brain there were some fresh, cool, hip thoughts."
May we present Simon and Demi's Forbidden Love: Part 1,000.

11.8.2012 / 09:10 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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