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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Logic Fails For Season 4, Episode 4, “The Five”

The Vampire Diaries is a show where witches can bring people back from the dead, vampires kiss humans instead of ripping their throats out, and werewolves have silky smooth chests when they haven’t transformed. And we accept all of this without blinking an eye. Yet it’s the little things that make us scoff and say, “That would never happen.” Check out the biggest logic fails from Season 4, Episode 4, “The Five.”

The professor and the party
We had a token Professor Coolguy in college who held his office hours in a bar, but Mr. Shane (David Alpay) is ridiculous. Not only does he attend frat parties, he may or not have his office in one. We were a little confused on the timing. Either way, he seems to be the one giving high school witches — aka, Bonnie (Kat Graham) — fliers to college bashes with free-flowing alcohol. Just another responsible adult on TVD!

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Looking for a party? Just head to the “Murder House”
Look at that flier. There’s no date. There’s no time. There’s no location. All you need to know is “Murder House” and what costume to wear. (Maybe we’re just confused because every house in Mystic Falls is a murder house.) The guy at Kinkos really should’ve given the frat boy who made those some pointers on flier making.

The clothes make the madman
Good news: When everyone ends up at Whitmore College next year, they’ll still be able to get impeccable costumes on a moment’s notice. We thought Mystic Falls was the only place in America with that kind of service. Elena (Nina Dobrev) needs something to wear to an Original ball? No problem. She, Damon (Ian Somerhalder), and Bonnie need authentic Victorian-era murderer/victim getups. Done and done!

Give him an earful
We buy that Connor (Todd Williams) could bite a hybrid’s ear off. We really do. He has the powers of The Five (whatever they may be). But after that Mike Tyson maneuver, where Connor cleverly got mouthful of ear and the supernatural’s piercing ??? Yeah, we have no idea how he unlocked himself. We’re assuming he used those monstrous abs, though.

Wasn’t there a cure before?
Back in Season 3, Episode 15, “All My Children,” Esther (Alice Evans) was working on a spell to turn all her children human. Maybe this is the same “cure,” but didn’t they already know about it? Why isRebekah’s (Claire Holt) revelation such a shocker?

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11.8.2012 / 06:03 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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