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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries’ Todd Williams on Connor’s Secrets, Explosions, and Cheesesteaks

When Connor Jordan (Todd Williams) marched on The Vampire Diaries with his guns, gloves, and steely glare, we kinda fell in love. Hey, he’s easy on the eyes and an honest-to-goodness villain. Plus, he has tats, so, you know, bad boy. Yet Todd Williams tells Entertainment Weekly that there’s more to him than just a simple slayer.

“It’s not as black and white as, Oh, vampires. I want to kill ‘em. That’s it,” says Todd. Season 4, Episode 5, “The Killer” will reveal even more of the hunter’s secrets. “There’s definitely a story there, and this episode makes him a little more three-dimensional, just in terms of his humanity. You find out more about his relationship with Professor Shane [David Alpay] and exactly what they’re trying to get from one another, why they have this alliance.”

Good, because we’ve been giving the prof the side-eye ever since it was revealed he’s not just some dude looking to get into Bonnie’s (Kat Graham) grimoire (because that’s shady enough). So, will those revelations about Connor involve some explosives? “Look, Connor’s gonna do what Connor does best, which is wreckin’ shops,” laughs Todd. “He’s a man who has a lot of questions that he needs answers to, and the hostage situation is a scenario created to get those answers.”

OK, Connor. Just so you know: killing hostages brings down your hotness level a notch or two.

Todd also revealed a fun tidbit about the TVD set: “They have Cheesesteak Friday. That’s always delicious. I’d always take two or three of those. I’m a lover of food, so that’s pretty much what’s gonna stick out,” he says.

If we could have abs like his by chowing down cheesesteaks, we’d be pretty happy.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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11.8.2012 / 03:37 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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