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3 Reasons Revenge’s Jack Porter and Amanda Clarke Won’t Go Through with Their Wedding

Though the majority of Revenge fans spent their Sunday nights screaming at the TV, trying to give Jack Porter all kinds of warnings, the Montauk barkeep still proposed to his ex-stripper baby mama, Amanda Clarke.

And though the two will likely go through with their impending nuptials, anything can happen on this show. There’s always the possibility that they could call the whole thing off.

Here’s three ways it could happen:

1) Jack Finds Out Amanda’s True Identity
Mason Treadwell is getting mighty close to the truth, and if he exposes Fauxmanda for the fraud that she is, Jack might call it quits. The whole “childhood sweethearts” sham might be too much for his poor flannel-covered heart.

2) Emily Moves In on Jack
It’s pretty obvious that Jack has the hots for Ems. If Amanda wasn’t preggers, he totally would have tapped that. If she makes a convincing pass at him, chances are he’ll dump his baby mama to date this Hamptons hottie.

3) Amanda Gets Arrested
In case you’ve forgotten, Amanda’s a bonafide murderer. She killed the Grayson’s former henchman, Frank Stevens, and we think she might try to kill Mason in Sunday’s episode. Since we don’t think Mason is going anywhere, Mandy might get locked up for whatever crime she commits — or tries to commit.

Do you think Jack and Amanda will go through with their wedding? Vote below!

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11.9.2012 / 05:02 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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