Did The Situation Cheat on Paula?
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Jersey Shore

Did The Situation Cheat on Paula?

On Jersey Shore Season 6, Episode 8: “Control the Crazy," just weeks after becoming “official” with Paula, The Situation got a brand new nickname: “Sneaky dickens.” So what, exactly, is a sneaky dickens?

At Karma, The Situation claims that he’s “being an extremely good boyfriend,” even though he’s flirting with lots of girls who are all too happy to talk to him and feel his abs underneath his shirt. As Ronnie says, “He’s touching other girls, he’s having intimate conversations with other girls,” and that isn’t exactly ideal boyfriend behavior.

It’s true that Mike wasn’t “technically” cheating. As he explained it, “I just love the game and the club. I can’t drink so I go around and see who wants to f--k me.” And there’s that boyish grin.

Do you think his behavior crosses the cheating line? Or is he just being extra-friendly? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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