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Glee Season 4 Romance: Should Marley and Blake Jenner’s Ryder Date?

In Glee Season 4, Episode 4, our lives were torn to pieces and then set on fire when Brittana, Klaine, and Finchel basically broke up. But then, while we were shaking and crying, we glimpsed a millisecond of hope for a new ‘ship that might be forthcoming now that Glee has returned: Ryder (Blake Jenner) and Marley (Melissa Benoist).

Ryder is an athlete new to McKinley, shouldering his own struggle: dyslexia. In Glee Season 4, Episode 5, we saw Ryder exchange flirty glances with fellow newbie Marley, who is also battling feeling like an outcast in the tight-knit McKinley community. Seeing as how Ryder is basically the new Finchel and Marley is the already-anointed New Rachel, is this the dawn of the next big ‘ship?

Sure, Jake (Jacob Artist) and Marley seem like they might just have the potential to be one of our favorite couples, but there's just something about Ryder. He's genuine, kind and sincere. He's been nothing but kind to Marley, and he goes out of his way to let her know how cool he thinks her mom is — even when everybody else makes fun her.

So what do you think: Are Ryder and Marley the most brilliant pairing since Finchel? Or, were you pining for Jake and Marley to make Jarley happen? Sound off in the comments!

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11.9.2012 / 08:10 AM EDT by Whitney Ricketts
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