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The X Factor

Jennel Garcia on Her Edgy New X Factor Look: “I Feel Like Myself” — Exclusive

Jennel Garcia might be the smiliest, bubbliest X Factor Season 2 finalist, but she doesn’t shy away from rock and roll — and now, thanks to mentor Demi Lovato, she’s got a new look to match her rockstar sound. Jennel spoke exclusively to Wetpaint Entertainment at The X Factor finalists party on November 7, 2012, after a grueling performance and frank feedback from the judges. Here’s what Jennel had to say about Demi’s tough love, Simon Cowell’s character, and finding herself onstage:

What will you take away from the judge’s comments?
Well I feel like after Demi telling me that she was proud of me, I mean this week she’s been really tough on me so tough on me that I would be upset at some of the things that she said but all the anger that I felt towards her comments and all the frustration I just put it into hard work and working on my performance so that way I could prove her wrong that I can really do this and really kick ass on stage. Just by her telling me that she was proud makes me realize that I need to take her advice every single week, whether I like it or not.

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Simon saying this wasn’t you, is he wrong?
Yes, definitely. I think he is so hooked on the girl he saw in Providence back in June and you know I feel like change is good and apparently Simon doesn’t like change because he wears the same thing every day. But I would tell him that to his face! But you know he’s a fan and I think he’s a great person and I’m glad that he is a fan of me because really that’s why I’m here. Growing up I always imagined myself with the dark hair and the bangs and these clothes and I’ve always kind of wanted to look like a Joan Jett badass but in my own way. I like this, I like the way I feel and look and I feel like myself still and that’s all that matters. So I’m very happy, I’m very happy.

Will the black hair and bangs be making an appearance?
Definitely, I’m definitely keeping the black hair and the bangs! Unless my mentor wants to change it. I told Demi I trust her, I trust her to do whatever she wants. Right now I’m like her little doll because she told me to trust her and I do. At first I hated my hair and I didn’t want to do it but I trusted her and now I love it and now I’m getting great feedback and now I feel more like a rock star than I ever have in my whole life.

11.9.2012 / 04:10 AM EDT by Lindsey Jordahl
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