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Sick Again? Easy Ways to Boost Your Kid’s Immune System

It’s cold season out there, and we’re all looking for ways to keep the big, bad germs at bay. But before you go bathing your family in hand sanitizer, check out some tips straight from the health gurus at Parenting. They have some super-simple ways to keep your child’s immune system running strong.

Put Down the Purell
The fact is that the rampant use of antibacterial gels means that we are just asking for a super-strong, super-resilient strain of bacteria to develop — one that’s resistant to antibiotics. Plus when you kill all the germs, you’re killing bad and the good. Best practice is to use soap and water — and use it often!

Get a Pet
The more exposure your child has to germs, the stronger their immune system will be. Something as simple as having a dog or cat can give your child’s immune system an edge. Yes, pets are germy. But new studies show that the more microorganisms that pass through your child’s system not only build a strong immune system, but they are less likely to develop allergies later on in life.

Put Down the Bleach
Turns out there’s no need to keep your house hospital clean. Pediatrician and chairman of the American Academy of Pediatrics' Section on Allergy and Immunology Todd Mahr M.D. says, “Parents shouldn't be overly obsessed with cleaning everything to a complete degree.” So the next time you skip mopping the kitchen floor? It’s all for your child’s immune system, natch.

Source: Parenting

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11.9.2012 / 05:47 AM EDT by Daynah Burnett
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