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The X Factor

Top Quotes From X Factor 2012’s First Live Elimination Show: “I Did It for the Gays and Japan”

Welcome to The X Factor's live results show, aka the most emotional night of our week. We plan to spend the evening shaking, crying, analyzing Simon Cowell's tan, getting lost in Mario Lopez's dimples, working on our portrait of Britney Spears (which looks a little something like this, but more rainbows), and rounding up these quotes. Enjoy!

10. Mario checks out Lea Michele: "Looking beautiful as always."
Guys, he literally muttered this under his breath.

9. Khloe forgets Mario's name: "Thanks Amario!"
This is what we shall be calling him from now on.

8. L.A. insults his co-host: "Demi's comment was pointless."
Mark our words, Barney will make him pay.

7. Mario describes last night's show: "It was a long night, that's for sure."
Make an effort, Amario.

6. Demi eye-rolls at Simon: "He's just PMSing."
In the words of Clueless, he's surfing the crimson wave.

5. Tate explains how voting works: "I left it all out there for America to say, uh, say yes or no."
Such eloquence!

4. The way Khloe Kardashian says "yes": "Yuh-es!"
This is her favorite word.

3. Mario gets super excited: "We're going to deadlock."
Shockingly, no one died.

2. Khloe hits on every single member of One Direction: "Who wouldn't be in love with you guys?"
Amen, girl.

1. Jason says buh-bye: "I did it for the gays and Japan."
We love you too, Jason.

11.9.2012 / 08:12 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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