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The X Factor

X Factor 2012 Results: Jason Brock Gets Cut, CeCe Frey Moves Into The Top 12!

Jason Brock and CeCe Frey ended up in the bottom 2 on The X Factor live results show on November 8, 2012, which was approximately 50% shocking to us. We figured that after Jason’s so-so showings the past couple weeks, he would have to really bring it to make it.

If you had asked us after the auditions and boot camp, we would have put all our money on CeCe to win it all. But since the live shows began, she hasn’t really shined. Her song choices have been so-so and her vocals have faltered.

The judges voted on their choice for who should be sent home, and it was no surprise that both Demi Lovato and L.A. Reid voted for their competition to go home. Britney Spears voted to send CeCe packing, and Simon Cowell tied it up by voting to send Jason on his way.

In a death match, it was revealed that Jason would be the one leaving the stage forever, as he received fewer votes than CeCe, thus moving her into the Top 12.

What do you think, was that the right choice? Were you surprised?

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