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The X Factor

X Factor Finalist CeCe Frey on Being a Diva, Bad Song Choices, and Demi Lovato — Exclusive

X Factor Season 2 finalist CeCe Frey is a talented and stylish powerhouse, proving to be a formidable opponent to older and more seasoned contestants. But, after her performance on November 7, 2012, the judges are wary of CeCe’s consistent vocal ability. Speaking exclusively with Wetpaint Entertainment directly after the episode, CeCe revealed that she hasn’t been as honest with Demi as she should be. Here’s what Queen CeCe herself had to say to us on the night of that fateful “Eye of the Tiger” performance.

What did you think of your performance?
I thought it was cool, I mean I had fire on the stage! I thought it was cool, I really liked a lot of things about it. I feel like I am still struggling with song choice, it’s a hard thing to figure out because I’m kind of a soul singer, I kind of am but I like so many different things that it’s hard to really, I don’t know it’s hard to figure it out. I feel like I’m on my way.

What do you think you and Demi can do to find that perfect Cece song?
I think, bottom line, is I need to start speaking up about song choices and about all of it. I don’t know I just think that it’s a lot of things that go into it and I think a lot of it is just the communication with the people I’m working with.

If you could pick any song to sing, what would it be?
See that’s hard for me because I’m used to writing my own music and writing songs that I feel like are flattering to me and are also describing myself as an artist, as a writer, as creatively speaking and so far I have not been able to be as creative with these song choices as I have wanted to be. So hopefully that’s what I get to do in the weeks to come.

What will you take away from the judge’s comments after your performance?
I always take the judge’s comments as constructive but tonight I will take away the fact that they are not feeling like I am connecting to these songs. I think that there is a reason for that so I’m just going to try to bring, for the next performance, a song that I can really connect to.

You mentioned that Demi is always very honest with, do you think you need to be that way with her?
Yeah I think that I have been trying really hard to, you know I’ve been getting a lot of the oh you know you were a diva in the beginning, you were this, you were that. So I was trying really hard to just please everybody and I’m not pleasing me right now. I need to definitely step that up for me for sure.

11.9.2012 / 07:14 AM EDT by Lindsey Jordahl
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