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The Bachelor

ABC’s The Bachelor vs. Chuck Lorre: The Feud Continues!

Last week, we reported on a feud that erupted between Bachelor Nation and Chuck Lorre, after the Two and a Half Men creator posted his self-censored vanity card for the week’s episode of BBT, in which he called The Bachelor “idiotic.”

In response, ABC execs and even The Bachelor host Chris Harrison took to Twitter to defend the franchise and hurl a few insults at Chuck about his current and previous body of work. Much blood was spilled, and brother was pitted against brother. Actually, there were just some catty tweets and then we all moved on with our lives. Well, almost! Last night, Chuck brought the feud back to the surface with his newest vanity card. Here’s his statement in full:

"I need to apologize. In an earlier vanity card I made a derisive comment about a popular reality show because I thought its premise - a group of single women compete with one another to win the affections of, and ultimately marry, an eligible man - was more threatening to the sanctity of marriage than gay people tying the knot. After careful consideration, I now realize that I couldn't have been more wrong. My mistake was that I was looking at the show through the tired old eyes of 60's feminism. But we are clearly in a post-feminist era. The patriarchal sexism that treated women as chattel and dictated how much they could earn or how much control they could have over their own bodies is a thing of the past, a curious relic of a dark, unenlightened time. Likewise, the idea that a woman without a man was somehow incomplete has long ago been consigned to the overflowing dustbin of humankind's misbegotten thinking. Women are now free to do anything they want, and that includes going on a reality show and using all their female wiles to snag Mr. Right. I really don't know what else to say except, 'I'm sorry and, um... you go, girl!'"

We can’t help but feel Chuck’s “apology” is dripping with sarcasm, and we’re definitely not alone. ABC exec Robert Mills certainly seemed to think so, taking to Twitter again to get in a few more digs about Chuck Lorre’s career. Armed with Chuck’s iMDB page, Robert posted these choice barbs, this time focusing on Chuck’s body of work as a composer!

Hey, Millsy, you can come for the cheesy ‘80s songs, but you leave the Muppet Babies alone! But, seriously, we hope Chuck was being ironic. I mean, is he suggesting Two and a Half Men is a pro-feminist show? That would be news to us!

Source: Robert Mills’ Twitter, Chuck Lorre Productions

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11.10.2012 / 12:19 AM EDT by Amber Garrett
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