Castle Season 5, Episode 7: “Swan Song” Wish List: 3 Things We Hope Will Happen
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Castle Season 5, Episode 7: “Swan Song” Wish List: 3 Things We Hope Will Happen

This Monday, an all-new Castle takes us behind the scenes of a rock-n-roll documentary, that might expose a few more secrets than what the lead singer is hiding. While the promos directly involve the case itself, here a few things we hope will happen with our favorite characters.

Check out our wish list for “Swan Song” below, and be sure to add your own predictions in the comments.

1. Castle and Beckett Get a Starbucks Deal

We’re actually kinda surprised it hasn’t happened sooner. Every morning, Castle brings his lady love a cup of joe to get their day started right. And it seems to do the trick quite nicely. They are always beautifully bright-eyed and ready to capture a killer.

But this episode could take their coffee luck to a whole new level. We bet some Starbucks exec catches the rockstar documentary, see how Castle and Beckett solve the murder mystery — while carrying their lattes, of course — and start planning billboards and campaigns everywhere. Hey, it worked for Jared.

2. Lanie and Esposito Rekindle the Romance!

According to an interview from Castle’s Jon Huertas, Esposito will be belting a number on camera. But what would be even better is if it leads to a love song for Lanie. Then she would say something along the lines of, “I always knew you were sexy, but that was absolutely incredible. Is it getting hot in here?”

To which Esposito would escort her outside and the documentary crew would catch them stealing kisses around the corner. Please let this happen. We love them together.

3. Alexis Will Know the Victim!

In one sneak peek, Ryan and Castle connect the dots that the victim was originally born in Ithaca, New York, the same place his band last played a show. Coincidence? We think not.

But a real coincidence would be Castle finding out that Alexis knew the victim somehow. Maybe she was at the show and tried to hide it, because she would have had to sneak in. Since Alexis has gone from a goody two-shoes to the brink of a wild child lately, this would only be a natural progression.

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