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Does X Factor Boy Band Emblem3 Owe Their Success to America’s Got Talent Producers?

Emblem3 has made quite a splash on The X Factor since they arrived on the scene with their impressive audition, singing their song “Sunset Blvd.” When we chatted with the self-proclaimed Cali boys, we fell even more in love with them.

In our interview, the boys told Wetpaint that their turn on X Factor was unplanned. “No, yeah, the show was totally spontaneous, random. We were making it on like, just trying to play as many clubs as we can,” the boys reported. When things weren’t going as well as they wanted — namely, they couldn’t pay rent — “Like, our producers and managers were like ‘Why don’t you just do it and try it out and see what happens,’” Keaton and Wes told us.

Apparently, that isn’t quite the whole truth, at least according to a new report. The boys, who are actually from Sequim, WA, had a slightly different road to the FOX show than we originally heard. According to Peninsula Daily News, The X Factor might not have been the band’s first plan, but it was a plan of sorts.

Earlier this year, they filmed an audition for NBC-TV's America's Got Talent,” the paper reports. “Although they were cut from the show, the producers asked them to try out for The X Factor. They sent in an audition tape and were accepted.”

As for their Washington upbringing, it’s been completely left out of the show thus far. The boys moved to Huntington Beach just two years ago in order to get more involved in the bustling LA music scene. As for the omission, Wes told PDN, “we mentioned we were from Sequim several times — it just didn't get aired.”

Well, we’ll just chock it up as creative license, and add this to the list of picking and choosing X Factor producers have been doing this season and last.

Source: Peninsula Daily News

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11.10.2012 / 02:49 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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