Eliminated X Factor Finalist Jason Brock: I Want to French Kiss Simon Cowell — Exclusive
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The X Factor

Eliminated X Factor Finalist Jason Brock: I Want to French Kiss Simon Cowell — Exclusive

Last night, The X Factor Season 2 eliminated Jason Brock, a vivacious entertainer from San Francisco. Announcing “I did it for the gays and for Japan,” Jason gracefully exited the stage, shiny blazer and all. Wetpaint Entertainment got the chance to chat with Jason backstage after his final performance. Here’s what he had to say about why he thinks the judges cut him — and jokes Emblem3 once tried to drown him on a hot tub. Here’s to looking at you, kid.

Jason Brock: I love your site!
Wetpaint Entertainment: We love you too. Which probably makes this even harder, because you were on such a roll!
JB: I was on such a roll of fabulousness and glitter explosions that you just can’t stop. Unfortunately, Simon said, “No more.” Well, actually, I shouldn’t say Simon said, “No more.” America really said it. But if Simon had said yes, I wouldn’t have had to wait for America’s results.

What was yesterday (November 7) like for you?
Yesterday was great! I felt it was a great performance. I really thought it was going to go great. I thought America would love it, the judges would love it. I think a lot of America did love it, but the judges – not so much. It was kind of mixed.

Eliminated X Factor Finalist Jason Brock: I Want to French Kiss Simon Cowell — Exclusive
Credit: FOX    

Why do you think you didn’t strike a chord with Britney, Demi, and Simon?
I think it was the look. I think they were distracted by the look and Britney didn’t really like the song. The others, I guess, didn’t talk so much about the song. But it could have been the song too. It’s weird, because I liked the song. So I don’t really know…I just wasn’t in sync with them, and maybe LA wasn’t either.

Would you have done something differently?
I wouldn’t have done a different song in that situation. I mean, looking back now when I know what they already said, I guess I would have gone with what Britney said. Maybe try some Usher. Maybe? See that’s the thing, looking back I would have tried something else, but I think we made the right decision at that time.

What would you like to say to Simon?
I would like to give Simon a French kiss! I just want to see the look on his face if I did that. He’d probably bite my tongue off. Or call security or sue me!

We can’t risk your career.
That’s right. So what I’m going to do is continue with my career and record an album and I also want to do a talk show. I think it could be really fabulous. Or maybe do another reality show. Maybe not a competition, but there are some gay reality shows that could be pretty fun.

What did you make of the ranking?
Oh God! I think that it makes people really uncomfortable. If I was still there, say I was in 12th place, I’d be so stressed out the whole week. It’s really a kind of terrible stress to put on the contestants. But it’s really interesting. As a voter I’d like to see how the results were, so at the same time I think it’s good for the public but bad for the contestants. Unless you’re number one, or two, or three. You probably feel safe at the top. But at the bottom you feel really uncomfortable.

Is this the kind of group that would get antagonistic? Can you pit these people against each other?
Hmmm…I would say…I think so far people have gotten along pretty well. There has been some Paige/CeCe rivalry, which we all know about. But really, Paige and CeCe don’t seem that antagonistic in person. But as it gets harder and closer, they might go against each other. And what about Carly and Bea? They’re somewhat similar so there could be a rivalry there. But so far I haven’t seen much.

We want drama.
Everyone wants the drama. Well…(puts his finger to the side of his mouth) let me tell you something then. One time Emblem3 tried to drown me in the Jacuzzi. It was very scary.

Please tell me you’re joking as we’re standing here laughing.
I’m joking. Totally joking. So far everyone’s been pretty nice!

11.10.2012 / 02:17 AM EDT by Carita Rizzo
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