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Glee Season 4: Quinn vs. Kitty! Becca Tobin Explains How They’re Different

It’s easy to see Kitty (Becca Tobin) simply as “Quinn 2.0,” but as we’re finding out, there’s a lot more to Kitty than that.

Becca tells The Hollywood Reporter that she was initially worried that Kitty would be too similar to Quinn (Dianna Agron), but now she sees some significant differences between the two. “Quinn was more mysterious about her motives, and Kitty has no filter and whatever she thinks, she says out loud, and she doesn't make it too secretive what her motives are,” Becca explains.

In fact, we’ll get to see those differences firsthand when the two finally meet face-to-face. “In the Thanksgiving episode, the graduates are back visiting for the holidays, and Kitty and Quinn get an opportunity to meet each other,” Becca says. “Kitty really looks up to Quinn because she's the original mean girl and original head Cheerio queen-bee type.”

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Becca promises there will be an instant connection between McKinley’s former and current meanies. “Quinn sees a lot of herself in Kitty,” Becca continues. “There's a soft spot for her and hopefully that relationship will continue.”

But Becca also hopes that Kitty’s interactions with Quinn will continue to give her character more depth. “I'd love if they wrote more in for Quinn to help Kitty along the way, and maybe it'll take an edge off Kitty, since Quinn went through a transformation throughout glee club that was for the best. Hopefully that's what's in store for Kitty,” she says.

We’re not gonna lie: The idea of Quinn and Kitty possibly teaming up for evil kinda frightens us, but in a good way. Then again, we’re just so excited to see Quinn at this point, we’ll be happy no matter what kind of shenanigans she’s up to!

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