Kirstie Alley Wishes Maksim Had Stood Up to His DWTS Fans For Her
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Dancing With The Stars

Kirstie Alley Wishes Maksim Had Stood Up to His DWTS Fans For Her

Kirstie Alley loves her Dancing With the Stars partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy. She’s not in love with him, but in "The Art of Maks" chapter of her new book, The Art of Men, Kirstie explains how Maks comprises a category of his own in her life.

The Maks chapter only goes up to Kirstie saying yes to DWTS All-Stars, so her reminisces are from their time together on DWTS Season 12. In one section she writes that, along with her relationship with Maks, she inherited his fans — the "sane" ones and the "trolls." She repeated some of the disses they tweeted about her, including "She's older than your mother!" "She's perverted!" and "She's using you!"

Kirstie writes that this where she and Maks differ. "If it were reversed and my fans were attacking him, I would come swooping in like a mighty eagle to devour them, to rip them to bloody shreds." Even if it destroyed her career to do so, Kirstie writes, she would still say something. "Maks needs to learn how to take a stand, publicly. Not do 'nothing' when his compadres are being attacked. Which is what he did with me and what I've see him do with other people he loves. He needs to learn the art of defending his friends."

Of course, she also acknowledges Maks good attributes, including his tenacity, strength, talent, ability, sweetness, perceptiveness, and intelligence. "I'd also throw in a nod to humor," she writes. And, on All-Stars, Maks has been standing up for Kirstie — arguing that they could make the finals again because Kirstie brings a unique, entertaining contrast to the show. Even last week, when she got the lowest fusion score, Maks told E! News, “She can't do wrong by me.” You can’t ask for much more praise than that.

Kirstie’s book is out now. She knows Maks may disagree with some of the stuff she writes, but it’s still written with love. And we love their Bickersons act!

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