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Revenge Season 2, Episode 7: “Penance” Spoiler Clip: Emily Thorne Makes Out With [SPOILER]! (VIDEO)

It may not be as raunchy as HBO shows, but Revenges favorite Hamptonites have definitely been getting their freak on this season. First Ash and Danny hopped into bed, then Nolan and Padma shared a steamy kiss, and now it’s Emily’s turn at romance.

In this new spoiler clip, courtesy of E! News, from Sunday’s episode, “Penance,” Aiden is waiting on Emily’s porch when she returns from a busy day of revenging.

He asks her how’s she’s doing, and somehow this one question seems to have a major effect on her. She drops her designer heels — umm hello, those shoes probably cost more than Fauxmanda’s entire wardrobe, so take it easy! — and grabs her British babe’s face.

Commence full-on makeout sesh!

Geez, Ems! If all Jack had to do was ask you how you were, that no-good baby mama of his would be history!

We’re happy these two finally worked through their sexual tension, but do you like Emily and Aiden together? Vote below!

Source: E! News

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11.10.2012 / 12:25 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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