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The Bachelorette

Chris Bukowski and Tony Pieper Reunite for Bachelor Pad Bro Time in Florida

Tony Pieper isn’t letting his recent split from Blakeley Jones get him down; instead, he’s turning to his Bachelor Pad 3 BFF Chris Bukowski for some good ol’ fashioned bro time. Chris and Tony reunited in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for a weekend of rabble-rousing, beers, beaches, and clubbing.

Joking “who’s got bail money?” Tony and Chris hit the town with matching blindingly-white grins. Of course, wherever these two go, hordes of girls follow. Lisa Pastrich tweeted a photo of Tony along with the enthusiastic caption “Look who I found!”

The boys weren’t so lucky with domestic skills like ironing; Chris tweeted a photo of Tony failing at opening an ironing board. Chris, meanwhile, got existential on the beach, posting a photo of the sunset, adding, “God is quite the artist.”

Deep thoughts and sun-soaked party times with these two? Sign us up. Just leave that One Direction playlist at home, Bukowski.