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Revenge Spoiler: Emily Thorne Offers Mason Treadwell a Deal! What Does He Have to Do?

In tonight’s episode of Revenge, "Penance," there were all sorts of “aww snaps” being thrown out, including Emily Thorne revealing her true identity to journalist Mason Treadwell.

After the Treadster narrowly escaped death courtesy of Fauxmanda Clarke, Emily told Mason the bowtie-straightening truth. At first we thought Emily laid down some knowledge on the Hamptons' most notorious writer in order to get him to work for her, but our girl had an even bigger plan.

She framed him for the murder of Gordon Murphy, aka the White-Haired Corpse, and sent the police after the spectacle-wearing blogger. He was arrested, and naturally Ems paid him a visit in jail.

But she wasn’t there to help him out of his soon-to-be orange jumpsuit — Emily cut Mason a deal. Mason must confess to the crime and stay behind bars until Emily gives her own confession and gets him out. And in return, Emily will give Mason the whole story so he can write the book of the century, which he was originally meant to write.

We’re still shocked he took it, but do you think Ems offered Mason a good deal? Tell us below!

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11.12.2012 / 09:47 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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