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Will Revenge’s Emily Thorne Ever Let Mason Treadwell Write Her Story?

On last night’s episode of Revenge, Mason Treadwell struck a deal with the Hamptons’ most manipulative millionaire, Emily Thorne.

Leaving his life of bowties and cashmere sweaters behind, Mason agreed to spend some time behind bars, in which he’ll write the real story of Em’s revengey past, or as she puts it, “The book we both know [Mason was] destined to write.”

Clearly, the writer’s put a lot of faith in Ms. Thorne, given that he’s committing himself to at least a few years of orange jumpsuits and little to no hair products.

But will she keep her promise? Emily’s confession would surely put her in prison. She’s burned down a man’s home, worked with several known murderers, and has a pile of evidence against her.

If Em’s revengenda is ever complete, would she really be willing to give up a “normal” life for jail time, all to keep her promise to a man who wronged her and her father when they needed help the most?

Emily’s already saved Mason’s life once, and we find it hard to believe that her she could go on knowing a man is jail for crimes he didn’t commit, especially after what happened to her father.

But imagine this: Emily and her childhood sweetheart Jack Porter have found a way to finally be together with no secrets or heartbreak. She finally has the life she’s always longed for, and now that her father’s name has been cleared, there’s nothing standing in her way.

Do you think she could then exonerate Mason? It’d be quite the tough call.

Tell us what you think, Revengers! Will Emily ever let Mason tell her story? Vote below!

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11.12.2012 / 11:35 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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