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Once Upon a Time

10 Burning Questions From Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 7: “Child of the Moon”

We love all of Once Upon a Time’s many, many mysteries, but sometimes it seems like each episode introduces more questions than it answers. To that end, we’ve tackled the ten biggest questions from this week’s episode in order to make sense of everything that happened. Here are ten questions from Season 2, Episode 7: “Child of the Moon.”

1. Is Graham related to Red?
We know Graham (Jamie Dornan) was raised by wolves, so we wonder if he might be Ruby’s brother or her dad. Granted, they look pretty similar in age but so do Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin), so you never know for sure. And even if they’re not related, we wonder if we’ll see more of a backstory between the two. Or maybe this is just us selfishly trying to get Graham back on the show...

2. Why did Granny lie to Red about what happened to her mom?
It turns out that Granny (Beverley Elliott) lied to Red about her parents having died presumably because she was afraid of how Red would grow up with her mom’s pro-wolf agenda. So we’re curious if Red will be angry at Granny for lying to her, and what exactly Granny’s relationship with Anita was like. And did Anita not know how to make homemade lasagna either? We wonder about these things, people.

3. Why didn’t the people of Storybrooke turn the diamonds into fairy dust immediately, rather than risk something happening to Jefferson’s hat?
We’re still shocked at how lax David/Charming (Josh Dallas) was with Jefferson's (Sebastian Stan) hat, which apparently got swiped from the police station. C’mon, David you can’t just treat that hat like you would a jacket that you might leave on your chair at the Starbucks when you get up to use the restroom. This is a freakin’ portal we’re talking about!

And we get that mining for diamonds is not easy work, but we still wish that, once the dwarves found those diamonds, someone could have turned them into fairy dust right away. The Blue Fairy (Keegan Connor Tracy) says that by that time tomorrow, they’ll have dust so why wait until tomorrow? Why give Albert Spencer/King George (Alan Dale) a chance to ruin things? You snooze, you end up with hat flambe.

4. Why can’t they use the hat’s ashes?
First off, Jefferson’s hat had clearly seen better days, so we wonder if the hat really would have been able to get anyone to Fairytale Land. Obviously, that’s a moot point once Spencer “hatnaps” it and sets it ablaze, but now we wonder if the ashes could be used as a portal, just as the wardrobe’s theoretically can be.

Maybe no one in Storybrooke is capable of using the ashes, but it seems that Regina (Lana Parrilla) could at least give it a shot. (And speaking of the word “shot,” we’re proud of David for not shooting Spencer, since we’re not 100% sure we would have done the same.)

And speaking of Spencer, we’re sort of impressed and terrified by how quickly he was able to scrounge together a dangerous mob, complete with lit torches. This is certainly not the last we’ll be seeing of Spencer and his evil ways. (And speaking of torches, where can you even buy a torch nowadays? Torches R Us?)

5. Can the netherworld be used as a portal between Storybrooke and Fairytale Land?
It appears from the next episode’s preview that the fiery netherworld — where both Henry (Jared Gilmore) and Aurora (Sarah Bolger) find themselves in while asleep, as a result of having broken their sleeping curses — can be used as a portal between the two worlds. But how?

We’re thinking that, since Henry has that stylish necklace to give him control, he might be able to bring fairy dust with him and give it to Aurora, so that Aurora can take it back to Fairytale Land and combine it with Cora's (Barbara Hershey) wardrobe ashes. Either that, or everyone on the show can purposely fall under a sleeping curse, get woken up with true love’s kiss, end up in the netherworld, and perhaps travel between the two worlds that way, but that seems like more of a hassle.

6. Why does Gold not know about the hood being in Storybrooke?
Gold seems to know of all the magical trinkets in Storybrooke, so we’re surprised that he didn’t know what happened to Ruby’s red hood. How did Albert manage to get it — and has he been hanging onto it for the past 28 years? Because you’d think that, in 28 years, he’d have come up with a better hiding place for it than in his trunk. (Albert’s like, “I really thought that secret compartment in my trunk was foolproof.”)

7. Does Gold know more about the fiery dream than he’s letting on?
Gold doesn’t bat an eye when he hears about the dream and sees Henry’s burns. So maybe he’s just jaded, or maybe he’s familiar with this particular dream but doesn’t want to say more for some reason. Either way, we like seeing his softer side toward Henry, as he gives him that necklace free of charge. And we all know that “free of charge” are not words that Gold likes to use.

8. Will Red ever find true love?
It kinda doesn’t seem fair that some women on this show have an endless string of eligible bachelors throwing themselves at them (*cough* Emma), and yet Red is still alone, despite those never-ending legs of hers. Not that she needs a man, but we’d like to see her find someone. We’re wondering if she’ll ever find love again, or if Peter was her one true love.

9. What happened to the other werewolves who were living in that commune?
We saw both Quinn and Anita die this week, so it’s possible that the other werewolves quickly found untimely ends, too, since humans don’t appear to be big fans of theirs. Still, we wonder if we’ll be seeing any more werewolves in future episodes, as we have to assume that a few of them are still around.

10. Why does this show insist on always killing off the hotties?
Look, we’re not trying to be ungrateful, since the show already has plenty of eye candy. (Just the thought of Captain Hook will make us start to drool.) But did they have to kill off Billy and Quinn? And let’s not started about how much we miss the aforementioned Graham, and of course Philip. Why does the show tease us with these hot guys and then take them away?!

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