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Chelsea and Adam Take Their Relationship to the Next Level: Recap of Teen Mom 2 Season 3, Episode 1, “Walk The Line”

Welcome to the jungle! And by that we mean Adam Lind's goatee. Yep, Chelsea Houska is back in the sack with her baby daddy, and she couldn't be happier. Or more frustrated. Or more turned on by Adam's creative facial hair pattern.

As you might expect, Chelsea's friends and family are less than thrilled that she's dating her procreator, but Chelsea is determined to give their relationship a shot for the sake of Baby Aubree. And speaking of this minute princess, it looks like Aubs has officially reached her terrible twos. Adam and Chel-Chel try to take their baby gal out to dinner, and not only does she throw a tantrum at the indignity of sitting in a high chair, she hurls her menu on the floor in a disgruntled rage.

Poor Chelsea and her unhelpful man friend have to abandon their dinner plans in favor of Chinese food, which gives them an opportunity to real talk on the couch while binge eating noodles. Turns out Adam wants to exclusively date Chelsea, but not be her boyfriend. In other words, he kinda-sorta wants to be her boyfriend, but not really. Sigh, we have a feeling this relationship is going to be nothing but trouble.

Meanwhile, Chelsea is still working at Year Round Brown, but she wants to finish her GED and get a new job. But is this gal really prepared not to be brown year round? That's the question, y'all.

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11.13.2012 / 08:24 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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