Cutest Castle and Beckett Moments From Castle Season 5, Episode 7: “Swan Song”
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Cutest Castle and Beckett Moments From Castle Season 5, Episode 7: “Swan Song”

After Castle’s foray into the sci-fi world last week, we thought we’d see everything. But in last night’s episode, our favorite crime-solving couple stepped into new territory: first-person camera work.

Unfortunately, the duo wasn’t filming their honeymoon video, but the resulting adorable moments were almost as good. As cameras followed them around during their mysterious cult case, the crew almost got the best of them, but Castle and Beckett kept each other in check.

It was difficult to narrow it down, but we managed to pick the Top 3 cutest Caskett moments from Season 5, Episode 7: “Swan Song.” Check ‘em out below!

3. Secret Inspiration

As soon as Castle finds out that the cameras are watching them, he immediately makes love to the camera and promotes his book, but casually works his lady love into the conversation.

Leaning down behind Kate, he asks, “Have you met Nikki Heat’s inspiration, Detective Beckett?”

Beckett looks at the camera, smirks, and covers her face with a coffee cup! Aww, hiding from her boyfriend’s compliments. How adorable!

2. Stolen Moments

We spy a hidden Caskett moment when Kate’s nervous about the cameras following them. Rick comforts her, easing her fears and calming her down.

"What I do here, this is mine. And just because they want to invade my privacy, it doesn't mean I have to help them do it," Beckett says, clearly exasperated.

But Castle responds in a soothing way, explaining, "OK, that may be, but these cameras are not going anywhere. They're going to see something. I just want them to see what I see."

Oh, and on top of that? Throughout the episode, Castle constantly compliments Kate (to the cameras, of course), and defends her personality to the crew. We’re officially dubbing him a knight in shining armor!

1. Caught in the Act!

After our favorite couple discovers that Captain Gates was seizing all of the video footage, they tried to reason with the camera crew. We didn’t discover the outcome of that conversation until the tail end of the episode.

When the Captain brings Castle and Beckett into her office, we’re sure they got caught, and Kate is about to explain the situation when ol’ Vicky shows them a silly video of them making faces and goofing off behind her!

After they realize that their secret is still safe, they high five, and even though we’ve seen them kiss, this adorable moment may just top any makeout sesh!

What did you think of Caskett’s moments in this episode? Weigh in with your favorites in the comments below!

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