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DIY Birthday Party Favors — So Adorable and So Affordable!

Our kids have gotten everything from personalized backpacks to monogrammed clothing — just for showing up to a birthday party! Since we’re not much for keeping up with the Joneses, we’re doing everyone a favor with these easy, adorable, DIY ideas for party swag!

Make a Rainbow

Credit: Edible Crafts    

This is a super sweet and super simple giveaway for candy lovers. All you need is rainbow licorice and mini marshmallows (“clouds”). Bend the licorice into a U-shape, placed on top of marshmallow clouds inside a plastic bag. It’s too cute and too yummy!

Source: Edible Crafts

Superhero Masks

Credit: Kinderpendent    

No-sew masks are perfect for superheroes, princes, and princesses who love to show off their secret identities. All you need is some felt, ribbon, scissors, and 5 minutes (per mask) — totally doable for Super Mom!

Source: Kinderpendent

Nameplate Letter Magnets

Credit: Amazon    

If you can fill a bag, you can make this swag! Put alphabet refrigerator magnets that spell out each attendee’s first and last name in a cellophane bag that’s tied with a festive bow. Cheap, cute, and accidentally educational!

Source: Amazon

When In Doubt, Bake!

Credit: Zazzle    

Fake it ‘til you bake it by making brownies (from a box, of course), and cutting them into bites so that everyone gets a few (hint: smaller brownies equals less time in the kitchen!) Have personalized “Thank you for coming” stickers printed to seal a paper bag that holds all the goodies inside.

Source: Zazzle

11.13.2012 / 04:23 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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