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Teen Mom

Jenelle Evans Confesses To Smoking Pot While On Probation: Recap of Teen Mom 2 Season 3, Episode 1, “Walk The Line”

The time has come to visit the wonderful world of Jenelle Evans, a place where Uggs litter the ground, tye-dye sweaters are socially acceptable, and Kieffer's butt crack might pop out at any moment.

Last time we checked on Jenelley, she was fresh outta rehab and trying to get her life back on track –– but being stuck in North Carolina sans weed is no walk in the park. Jenelle is still on probation, so she's living at home with her mom (the undiscovered poet known as Barbara Evans) while taking summer classes and looking for a job. Jenelle wants to work at a daycare because her strengths are "not yelling" and "organizing bins," which sounds fabulous to us.

Sadly, Jenelle and Babs aren't getting along, and they get into a huge fight over Jace peeing on the rug (explanation: "he likes to see himself pee"), which causes Jenelle to storm out of the house and drown her sorrows in reefer –– not to be confused with Kieffer. "I just end up smoking like a dumbass," Jenelle explains. Yikes, how is this gal going to pass a drug test with weed in her system?

Thank goodness for the comforting bosom that is Planet Fun, because it looks like Jenelley might be headed to jail!

Are you surprised Jenelle had a slip up?