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Real Housewives of Atlanta

“Let’s Call a Spade a Spade: She’s Got a Big Ass …” and Other $#*! The Real Housewives of Atlanta Say!

Another episode means another week of trying to narrow down the multitude of ridiculousness coming out of the ATL ladies' mouths. Here’s our countdown of the top 10 quotes from The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5, Episode 2, "Excess Breeds Success."

10. NeNe Leakes: "I love the gays, you know, they invented everything ... nail polish and weaves and earrings and how to walk and, you know, gays have invented it all."

We can almost see Andy Cohen's grin right now.

9. Kenya Moore, on her man Walter: "He's a cutie pie and I think he would give me pretty kids."

Good reason as any to marry someone.

8. Phaedra Parks: "Kenya having a security guard is the most hilarious thing I've heard all day."

Can't say we disagree.

7. Cynthia Bailey: "If Miss U.S.A could just take her gown, her sash and just wave her way right on out the door, I'd be very happy."

Loving Cynthia's new backbone!

6. NeNe: "I was really happy to see a straight man at the end of the parade."

Even if it was Gregg.

5. Kim Zolciak: "Let's go, we're gonna try to make another baby even though we've got a healthy beautiful one already cooking."

She's not kidding either.

4. Kandi Burruss, on NeNe's new attitude: "This is invasion of the bodysnatchers — you better go check and make sure that's her."

Must be that Cali air!

3. Kenya: "Let's call a spade a spade: She's got a big ass and I know you like that … I know that you like women that have big butts."
Walter: "This is true."

The first step is admitting powerlessness ...

2. Kim: "In the townhouse, I don't have a pool, KJ doesn't have a basketball court to run around on ... I'm a little worried."

Yeah, he's not spoiled at all.

1. Kenya, on Cynthia: "I felt like I was in Wizard of Oz and she was the scarecrow looking for her brain because she didn't have one of her own."

OK, even we have to admit this is pretty funny.

Do you agree with our picks?