Paula Wins Back The Situation’s Heart By Writing Him a Love Letter (VIDEO)
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Jersey Shore

Paula Wins Back The Situation’s Heart By Writing Him a Love Letter (VIDEO)

On Jersey Shore, there is one surefire way to a guido’s heart. It’s not baking him a cake, or getting smashed in the smush room. What does it take to win over a juicehead? It’s as simple as writing him a love letter. One with “mad S’s, yo.”

That’s how Vinny describes Paula’s linguistic skills, as he reads aloud Paula’s love note to The Situation in the clip below. In the note, Paula writes, “I’m so happy lately … Everything just seems to make sense now, and everything in the past has all been let go. Don’t worry about anybody else. They don’t know, don’t understand.”

The Situation actually seems totally won over by his “ride or die chick”’s sentimental move. "I'm sure that Paula's note is a gift, because every time she opens up her mouth, it's a curse,” he says.

As JWOWW puts it after hearing the letter, “Don’t f--k it up.” We couldn’t agree more!

Watch the whole thing unfold in the clip below.

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