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Revenge’s Mason Treadwell vs. Gossip Girl’s Juliet Sharp: Who Has the Best Revenge Board? (PHOTOS)

Visual learners come in all shapes and sizes, from bowtie-loving Hamptonites to manipulative Upper East Siders. When we first saw Mason Treadwell’s Amanda-Clarke-inspired “Revenge board,” we instantly thought of another outsider’s excellent use of red string.

In Season 4 of Gossip Girl, Columbia University student Juliet Sharp used her own revenge board to try and take down Serena van der Woodsen. Serena had unintentionally landed Juliet’s brother, Ben, in jail, and Juliet was doing her best to make her pay.

Ultimately Juliet lost out and Ben was added to the exceedingly long list of Serena’s suitors, but we won’t soon forget her intricate board of dirt. She had tons of research on the blond bombshell, but in Mason’s defense, Juliet only had to check one website Gossip Girl.

Mason has used years of interviews, news stories, and digging to create his master board. He was one of the few who was able to uncover Emily Thorne’s deepest secrets. Sure, Emily was the one to finally tell him, but he was closer than most have ever gotten, thanks to his trusty board.

Mason’s board eventually sealed his fate, and after Nolan Ross did some tampering, the board became a pit of evidence in the White-Haired Man’s murder case. But up until then, things were going great!

But you be the judge! Which villain had the best revenge board: Mason or Juliet? Vote below!

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11.13.2012 / 04:44 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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