Were “The Gift of Revenge” Commercials Effective?
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Were “The Gift of Revenge” Commercials Effective?

Last night’s episode of Revenge was a show-stopper, but all of our attention wasn’t on Emily Thorne’s big reveal.

During commercial breaks, we didn’t see ads for baby toys and insurance companies — instead, we were treated to “The Gift of Revenge,” featuring a few of our favorite Revengers decked out in gorgeous clothes, all rounded up by a mysterious gloved woman.

Although sometimes things got a little creepy — like when Charlotte was all alone in her lingerie and someone silently gave her a gift — we were impressed with how much Target and Neiman Marcus’ ad campaign excited us.

Like a good episode of Revenge, things remained mysterious. We didn’t know who the person behind the leather was and what her motive was, and we were a little fearful for our Hamptonites! But as each segment ended, we learned a bit more, and also got a taste of what we’ll be spending our holiday money on!

For example, Charlotte’s gorgeous black and purple watercolor dress caused us to frantically Google the designer, thrilled that the Lela Rose dress is only $99.99. It’s already pre-ordered.

And if all of the other viewers felt the same as we did, we’re sure Target and Neiman Marcus will both be very busy when the line launches on Dec. 1, 2012. Seeing familiar characters engaged fans more, and it seemed like more of an extension of the show than the commercial. The only caveat? They didn’t list the names of the items or even say much about the collaboration, so some of you may have been lost.

But Nolan and Jack’s best friend hats more than made up for it in our minds. What did you think of “The Gift of Revenge”? Will you be buying any items from the partnership? Weigh in below.

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