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The X Factor

X Factor Finalists Lyric 145 Tease Original Material and Possible Duet With Emblem3 — Exclusive

No other X Factor Season 2 contestants can roc the mic (and stage) like Lyric 145. Even L.A. Reid himself uses eye-patched frontwoman Lyric Da Queen as his show hip hop expert. Speaking exclusively with Wetpaint Entertainment at the Top 12 finalists party in Los Angeles on November 12, 2012, Lyric 145 members give us a sneak peek at what they have in store for us this week. In the immortal words of Jay Z: Watch the throne.

How did you feel when you first found out all the contestants were going to be ranked?
Jemelle: We weren’t really too concerned about the ranking thing, like we were just really excited just to still be there. The ranking was just kind of like a type of motivation for us to see where we were at and how we can do better so we weren’t really too concerned about it.

Credit: FOX    

Once you found out your place in the ranking how did you react to that?
Lyric: I mean we were still just as happy and joyful to be there and once we found out our ranking it didn’t do nothing but motivate us even more. I feel like if we would have been number one we would have been comfortable. So now that we know our ranking we know that we have to go even harder and give the people more than what we gave them already.

What changes will you guys be making to get more votes?
Julien: Well for this week we actually plan on doing our original lyrics and I know a lot of people and fans wanted to hear what we have, they wanted the original lyrics so we’re definitely going to switch it up like that. We’re going to tone it down a little bit too with the outfits but I mean we’re still going to bring the Lyric 145 in it.

If you could duet with one other contestant on the X Factor who would it be and why?
Jemelle: I would probably have to say Emblem3; those dudes are really talented I think beyond like what people see. They’re really talented and they are really inspiring and they have a lot to bring to it. We’ve been vibing behind stage behind the cameras we’ve been vibing with them making a little music so it’s really cool. They’re really cool.
Lyric: I would have to name a couple, Emblem3 for sure, I think us and Vino would make a really dope track.

What can we expect from your song choice this week?
Lyric: Expect the unexpected as always! It’s going to be a little toned down but it’s still going to be a shocker, like nothing about it is something you’ll expect. This week is the same thing like the Diva we picked, you’re not going to expect it.

11.13.2012 / 07:18 AM EDT by Lindsey Jordahl
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