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3 Revenge Characters We’d Like To See Rise From The Dead

Revenge is on a brief hiatus (commence weeping, flailing, and wailing), but fear not –– it'll be back after Thanksgiving with an all-new flashback episode! Which means that you can chill out with a giant plate of leftovers and drown your problems in pie and ‘80s fashion crimes.

But the best part? Since this episode is a flashback, we'll see faces from the past that are long since dead, like Jack and Declan's pops, the OG Carl Porter. We love ol' man Carl and all, but his reappearance got us thinking....which characters would we love to see rise from their graves on Revenge? We've picked out our top 3 faves!


1. David Clarke
How great would it be if David Clarke was secretly alive? The White-Haired Man wasn't exactly following The Initiative's orders at the time of his death, so is it possible that he fake-shivved David and put him into hiding –– just like he did with Kara. Talk about a game-changer! Also, we'd give anything to end Emily's flashbacks of David twirling her around the beach. We get it, you loved to twirl. Stop this madness.

2. Tyler Barrol
Our love for Tyler runs so deep, we can't even talk about him without sobbing into a plate of oysters on the half shell. There's no denying that Ty is deader than dead, but he could reappear in a flashback. Oh, happy day! Tyler is the best villain Revenge has ever had –– not to mention the most stylish –– and we'd love to see him trolling around the beaches once again. Sigh, excuse us while we float away to a land of TyleNol fan fiction.


3. Lydia Davis
To be perfectly honest, we're not entirely convinced that Lydia's really dead. This is the lady who survived falling off a 10 story building. Girl cannot be killed. Plus, we never saw physical proof of her death, and you know what they say: pics or it didn't happen. We'd love Lydia to come back to the Hamptons to get revenge on Conrad and Victoria –– maybe she could even team up with Emily!

Which character would you like to see rise from the dead? Hit the comments!

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11.14.2012 / 10:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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