ANTM Cycle 19’s Nastasia on Her Elimination: “This is God’s Plan” – Exclusive
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America's Next Top Model

ANTM Cycle 19’s Nastasia on Her Elimination: “This is God’s Plan” – Exclusive

As the last modelstant to be eliminated on America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 before the Finals, Nastasia Scott came very close to the end. Throughout a season filled with big personalities and catfights, the curly-haired Nastasia somehow managed to stay out of all the drama, but she still had some strong opinions about her fellow competitors.

In an exclusive interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, Nastasia opened up about her feelings towards Kristin Kagay, Victoria Henley, and the three finalists: Laura James, Kiara Belen, and Leila Goldkuhl.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What was your initial reaction when you found out you were eliminated?
Nastasia Scott: I was devastated, but I just had to think of how far I got through all the auditions and throughout the whole process. I have to be positive about it because even though I was crying about it and I was upset, I was thinking, This is god’s plan, and that’s what I was focused on it.

What was the hardest challenge?
[Laughs] The horse challenge that I got eliminated for. That’d be the one. The whole horse element, and the ocean element, two of my fears, just combined. I was like, Oh, they couldn’t have picked a better challenge for me.

ANTM Cycle 19’s Nastasia on Her Elimination: “This is God’s Plan” – Exclusive
Credit: Angelo Sgambeti/The CW    

Are you surprised that Kiara, Laura, and Leila are the three finalists?
I expected them to be there ‘til the end. But there was a couple that I was kind of not sure if they would make it. Like Brittany [Brown], I thought that she would be making it to the end. I was surprised at the point when she got eliminated.

How did you manage to stay out of all the drama?
I was just trying to duck it. Whenever I saw something that was about to go down, I would just try to stay far away. I was trying to focus. It wasn’t about arguing with people getting all crazy. For the most part I was saying, Relax people, or I was just watching, uninvolved completely.

It wasn’t tempting to get involved?
Not really, I think I would kind of be off-focus,

How did you honestly feel about controversial contestant Kristin Kagay?
The thing is, I actually like Kristin. And people don’t understand that. Laura liked her, from what I saw. She was one of those people that you really just have to understand. So I try not to judge. Because I wouldn’t want anyone to judge me, so I tried to be as open-minded as I could, because I was trying with everybody else, so what makes her any different?

You didn’t find her offensive?
Yeah, I told her a couple of times to relax. Other than that, that’s her personality and I can’t try to change her now, being this many years on this earth, being the way she is.

And what was your opinion of Victoria Henley?
I really liked Victoria. She’s different, I’ve never met anyone like her. But she made the show interesting. When I watched it back it was interesting because she’s so different, she’s so different from all of us, but there’s a certain point where you just have to let her be and just embrace your differences. Let her be who she is.

Who do you think will win?
I’m rooting for Kiara because I’m closest with her, but I’m not really sure. The three of them are all there for a reason so I can’t really say who I think will win, but I would like Kiara to win because I’ve gotten closest to her, and I still talk to her to this day.

Your height was an issue this season. So how tall are you, really?
I thought I was 5’9”, but Tyra [Banks] told me I wasn’t. I’ve gotten measured at 5’9” like three times. She said that what makes me look shorter than I actually am is the fact that I’m narrow, my shoulders are really small, I’m just small all over, so she said that’s what makes me look shorter, so I was like, Oh my god, I can’t conquer this.

How did you overcome your shorter stature?
I would try to angle my shoulders and square them off, actually Kelly [Cutrone] taught me how to do this, in a way that makes me look wider, so that helps me look taller.

What did you think of the new social element this season?
At first I was a little bit hesitant, because they’re judging only off the photo, but then I thought, It’s a modeling competition and I’m glad that they’re working off the photo because they have the best interpretation of who we are as models, rather than putting personal feelings into it.

What’s next for you?
I’m gonna try to model as much as I can, I have to also go to school, because that’s my number one priority. So I’m going to try to both!

Catch the next episode of America's Next Top Model Cycle 19: College Edition on Friday, November 16 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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