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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Relationship Spoilers Roundup: What’s Coming Up For Your Favorite Ships?

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 started out rough for a lot of the docs, but now that we're getting back to (relative) normal, it's time to focus on one of our favorite parts of the show: the relationships!

Showrunner Shonda Rhimes has dubbed this the "season of romance." So what's coming up in that department? We've rounded up all the juiciest relationship-related spoilers right here.

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Meredith and Derek: Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) seem to have weathered the plane crash relatively well, all things considered. Unfortunately, it sounds like Derek's struggle with his hand will cause some tension between them in Season 9, Episode 8: “Love Turns You Upside Down.” And by "tension" we mean a "screaming match."

In better MerDer news, Shonda Rhimes's favorite MerDer moment of the season is coming up at the end of Season 9, Episode 7: " I Was Made for Lovin’ You."

Callie and Arizona: Despite Arizona's (Jessica Capshaw) struggles with her leg, it sounds like we can expect a happy ending for these two. Shonda Rhimes assures fans that Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona will "have a fun romance-y, sexy love life again" by Valentine's Day.

Owen and Cristina: Seattle Grace-Mercy West's most fraught couple is definitely not dunzo. While it looks like Owen (Kevin McKidd) is going to give Cristina (Sandra Oh) a less-than-warm welcome when she comes back to the hospital on Season 9, Episode 6: “Second Opinion,” there is Owen/Cristina kissing (and more than kissing) coming up. That said, everyone should remember that one of the biggest obstacles to their happiness — their differing opinions on children — is still very much in their way.

April and Jackson: If you're liking April (Sarah Drew) and Jackson's (Jesse Williams) budding romance, you're in luck: There's more coming up.

Alex: As we've known since before the season started, Alex (Justin Chambers) is probably going to find his "person" this year. And whadda you know? It just might be one of the new interns. Camilla Luddington says that we're going to see a lot more interaction between her character, Jo, and Alex, and Alex "gets under her skin as no one else has done." Sounds like the beginning of a very Shondaland-esque romance to us!

Unfortunately for Alex, he'll also have to face the consequences of sleeping around when intern Leah ends up heartbroken and pining after him!

A wedding: Can you hear the bells? A wedding is coming up on Episode 10, and we're pretty darned sure it's going to be between Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and hottie doc Ben. And what will the wedding be like? Chandra Wilson says she thinks it "won't be all that traditional." After all, Bailey already did the regular-wedding thing, and that didn't exactly work out.

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