Grey’s Anatomy Spoiler: [SPOILER] Will Start Sleeping With Someone Else
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Spoiler: [SPOILER] Will Start Sleeping With Someone Else

If you’re like us, you missed seeing one of the newest Grey's Anatomy couples on the most recent episode (Season 9, Episode 5: “Beautiful Doom”). But not to worry — Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April (Sarah Drew) will be back at it (whatever “it” is) in the episodes to come.

Except for one thing: Apparently they won’t be exclusive for much longer...

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As of now, Jackson and April have an ambiguous relationship. They’re having so much fun sleeping together that they may have forgotten to figure out what exactly they’re doing. We think one of them needs to pull the “We need to talk about ‘us’” card very soon, before someone gets hurt. Especially after reading the latest spoiler.

According to TVLine, when Grey’s returns from the holiday hiatus in 2013, Jackson “will be schtupping someone whose name is not April.”

Yikes! Now, Jackson is no stranger to the quick fling (remember his mother’s assistant back in Season 8?), but this time he risks losing April forever. Then again, April’s sexual awakening may start to broaden, meaning she’ll be interested in sleeping with someone else, too.

Are you prepared for April’s potentially broken heart? Or, possibly, Jackson’s?

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Source: TVLine

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