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Should Expectant Mothers Wear Baby on Board Badges?

Being pregnant is exhausting enough without having to throw the obstacle course of public transportation into the mix. Maneuvering the massive crowds only to cram yourself into a car with dozens of other passengers (and their sometimes not-so-awesome smells), struggling to stay on your feet through the stops and gos of city street traffic. We’re tired just thinking about it.

Recently a mom-to-be was spotted on the New York City subway sporting a “Baby on Board” (BOB) button. The idea? To make it known she was preggers, allowing her fellow commuters to offer up their seats. While this is a recent development in NYC, similar badges are being distributed in London by Transport for London (TFL) to ensure that pregnant women receive a seat on any form of public transportation.

Research conducted back in 2005 by TFL determined that 92% of people agreed that seats should be offered to pregnant women yet 78% of expecting mothers admitted they would never ask for a seat if they needed one. While most public transportation has priority seating for pregnant women or the elderly, their research also found that many men are afraid to offer up their seats for fear of women taking offense — perhaps not wanting to be wrong about a woman’s pregnancy status. Awkward.

To give moms-to-be a break the Transport for London began distributing BOB buttons as a way for women to let the public know, “Yes, I’m pregnant. And I would like to sit down.” What do you think? Is it pure genius or kind of ridiculous?

Source: Lil Sugar, Transport for London

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11.14.2012 / 03:32 AM EDT by Jana Moseley
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