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Will Revenge’s Mason Treadwell Get Out of Jail Early?

On Sunday’s episode of Revenge, Mason Treadwell made a shocking deal with Emily Thorne.

In exchange for the rights to her tell-all book at an undisclosed date and time, the gossipmonger is trading his patterned suits and pocket squares for bright orange jumpsuits. But just how long will Mason stay behind bars?

Although he seemed hesitant to go along with Em’s plan, we think she’s a woman of her word. Given how hard she worked to avenge her father’s death, it’s doubtful that she would let Mason rot in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Each part of her revengenda thus far has had a connection to the bigger picture, and it’s clear that his jail time is a major key in her plan.

However, even if Emily’s plan goes off without a hitch, that doesn’t mean that Mason won’t mess with things first. Sure, he has newfound time to write Em’s revenge-fueled biography, but if he’s in a high-security prison like Rikers Island, the risk of pain and suffering may not be worth the reward.

If he exposes Emily’s secrets to the right people, he would at least get a trial, plus a lot of publicity. So, yes, he could weasel his way out jail if he tried hard enough, but double-crossing Ems would make for an untimely death as soon as he was released.

With that in mind, we doubt that Mason will try to pull a fast one on Emily, but what do you think? Will he get out of jail early or stick it out until he can write his tell-all book? Weigh in below.

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11.14.2012 / 12:30 AM EDT by Alyse Whitney
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