Are Kailyn Lowry and Jordan Wenner Still Dating?
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Are Kailyn Lowry and Jordan Wenner Still Dating?

Consider us obsessed with Kailyn Lowry's boyfriend, Jordan Wenner. Actually, make that ex-boyfriend — these two aren't together anymore. Far from it!

Kailyn fell for Jordan while she was dating her baby daddy, Jo, and their flirtatious relationship prompted her to move out of Jo's family home. Kail and Jordan were pretty serious for a few months, but then Kailyn took a trip to Regretsy Ville and never came back.

Girlfriend started hanging out with Jo again, and eventually fell for his studly charm — which prompted her to cheat on Jordan. As you might expect, Jordan broke up with Kailyn thanks to her infidelity, but he still has her back.

"I'm like, being done with the relationship part," Jordan told Dr. Drew during Teen Mom's Season 2 After Show. "I'll still be there for her and Isaac. If she needs me, she can call me. She knows that. I feel like it shouldn't have to get to the point that she wants to know how he's feeling for her to react. She should want to know that she wants to work it out with me, and not him. That's what hurts me."

Awww, poor Jordan! We don't know if he and Kailyn are still in touch, but hopefully he's doing well, wherever he is. Live long and prosper, buddy.

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