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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Cynthia Bailey Calls Kenya Moore Out For Her Lies: Who Do You Believe?

Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore do not get along, and thanks to Cynthia’s latest blog, we don’t expect that to change anytime soon. In the blog, Cynthia calls Kenya ouf for her numerous lies, and even scolds Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks for how they reacted to Kenya’s retelling of the casting call at The Bailey Agency.

First, Cynthia puts Kenya in her place. Kenya may have said that JET asked her to be a judge at The Bailey Agency, but Cynthia disagrees. She writes, “No one has the authority to invite anyone to do anything at The Bailey Agency without my approval. EVERYTHING has to go through me first since it is my school.”

Preach, Cynthia!

Cynthia catches Kenya in a few other lies, and also admits that she was disappointed in Kandi and Phaedra.

“It was a bit disappointing to watch Kandi and Phaedra faces light up with so much joy when Kenya was berating me at their first lunch,” she revealed. “Their facial expressions were irreplaceable and unforgettable.”

We think Kandi and Phaedra’s laughter was more a sign of how uncomfortable they were than anything else, but clearly Cynthia didn’t think so.

Do you think Kenya was lying during her lunch with Kandi and Phaedra? Tell us below!