Did Snooki Get Her Teeth Fixed? – Exclusive
Credit: Jason Merritt/ Getty Images, Photo via Snooki's Twitter    
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Jersey Shore

Did Snooki Get Her Teeth Fixed? – Exclusive

First it was Deena Nicole, and now it looks like Snooki has undergone oral surgery to help brighten her smile.

The mama-to-be has been tweeting tons of photos of her noticeably whiter — and straighter — smile, which got us wondering if the Jersey Shore star had gotten veneers. Our suspicions were right on as a source close to Snooki told us that “everyone needs a beautiful smile.”

You can clearly see the difference in the photo above. In the photo on the left, taken in July, Snooki's teeth look less white and slightly crooked. In the photo on the right, taken earlier this summer, Snooki's teeth look smooth and white. The drastic difference means that Snooki must have gotten the veneers sometime in July or August.

Snooki is hardly the first celeb to get veneers, and her partner-in-meatball-crime Deena admitted to getting Lumineers earlier this year. (Check out photos of Deena’s beautiful new smile here.) Deena’s new teeth have clearly improved her confidence, and she has been smiling from ear-to-ear ever since she got the veneers.

We just hope that Snooki is happy with her new look. We didn’t think her smile was that bad before, but if she’s feeling more confident then more power to her!

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With additional reporting from Beth Sobol.

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