Gossip Girl Season 6 Speculation: Is Serena Going to Get Pregnant?
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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Season 6 Speculation: Is Serena Going to Get Pregnant?

From what we’ve seen and read, it looks like Serena (Blake Lively) is a busy girl. Although things looked to be on the outs with Steven (Barry Watson) in Season 6, Episode 5: “Monstrous Ball,” we noticed that the two may be getting cozy yet in Episode 6, “Where the Vile Things Are.”

Upon deeper searching, it seems more likely to be a flashback than a progress report. So, are she and Dan (Penn Badgley) really on their way to getting down to business? We read that he may be using her, and we saw spoiler pics of what looks like their wedding... what’s going on, Serena?

Well, take all that you’ve read and all that you’ve thought and add this in: According to TV Line, Serena might be preggers by the end of the season.

Spoiler guru Michael Ausiello listed her in a group of possible prime time mamas-to-be, saying “When Madame X finds out that she’s with child, she’ll be — understatement alert! — shocked. Fans of the show, by contrast, will likely love the plot twist.”

So, does that mean the child we saw Lily (Kelly Rutherford) playing with at the apparent Derena wedding is actually her granddaughter? That would be a shocker...

Source: TV Line

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